Will E-Liquid Poison You If Swallowed?

Are e-liquids toxic when consumed? Firstly to begin this post, since you may have come across this article if you or someone you know has ingested some e-juice, call the poison control center, as e-liquids are poisonous. For some examples of e-liquid pictures, click here.

Toxicity depends on how much you ingested. Only consuming a few drops will likely not result in any problems. However, any more than that and to be on the safe side you should call poison control, and then visit the doctor.

The toxic component of e-liquids is nicotine. You have to consume a whole lot of nicotine to get nicotine poisoning though. The exact amount varies, but some estimates say it can be as much as 50mg, and usually your body begins to induce vomiting to get most of it out once you have ingested too much.

However there have been instances of children drinking a bottle of e-liquid, being mistaken by its candy or dessert flavored smell, and getting seriously sick or in some instances even passing away.

This means that e-liquid poisoning should be taken seriously.

In order to avoid children from accidentally drinking any e-liquid, you should follow these suggestions.

Never buy an e-liquid without a child safety cap. This will help prevent a child from opening the e-liquid with the intent to drink it.

Secondly, keep the e-liquid out of reach from children. This could mean placing it in an unreachable high place, like on top of a dresser. But as you likely know, children can be crafty and find ways to reach things you think they can’t reach.

Due to this, your best bet is to store e-liquid in a secured locked compartment which would require a key to open. This would definitely prevent a child from getting there hands on it, unless you have a young Jacques Cassandri on your hands. Then your out of luck.

Again if you or someone you know has ingested e-liquids your best bet is to call the poison control center just to make sure that everything is fine. There phone lines in the US are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They should give you some tips to flush it out of your system. But don’t panic if you’ve only swallowed a few drops or even as much as a teaspoon.

Many Reasons Why You Should Start Vaping

A vaporizer is a device that is popular nowadays because of its uses and benefits. It is a real alternative that smokers can use instead of puffing cigarette. The good thing about this device is that it converts the plant or herb into the gaseous state without producing harmful substances. The herb is heated gradually without burning.

vape mod

The vaporization process consumed the essential components of the herbs to produce vapor. It doesn’t smoke the herb that’s the reason it’s not irritating and doesn’t produce harmful substances. Regardless of the undeniable fact that the grass is warmed, but there is not any probability that you can find any smoke since there is no any combustion occurs. Similarly, the vapor made has a lower carbon monoxide level compared to the smoking cigarette.

The use of vaporizer is not just appropriate to quit smoking, and it provides help in relieving indications of other sicknesses. According to a study, this gadget is also useful for folks who has asthma. It acts like a nebulizer that alleviates the signs of an asthma attack. But, when it’s used for asthma you’ll use herbs rather than drugs, and it makes sure to make the nasal passage for straightforward respiring.

Just like any other products, this device has several designs and models. Each design has its specific uses, but it has the same filling chamber. In this sense, if you want to try, it is important that you choose one that is suitable to your health needs and preference. There are many designs that you can find in the market that is suitable to anyone’s needs.

Smokers Lungs

Also, you should also consider its features that would be to your advantage. Look for the design that can be operated by batteries and can be controlled digitally. This would allow you were using the device conveniently and at the same time enjoy its benefits. Keep in mind that you will spend an amount of money in purchasing it that is why it is worthy to pick the best one.

You can look for extreme vaporizer design over the internet. There are lots of websites that deals with vaporizers in reasonable price. Make sure to buy the product from registered store so that your money would not be wasted. Also, select a device that could answer your needs and assures sheer value for your hard-earned money. It is worth to spend money just to keep and maintain a good health.

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